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Custom panels & communities

Build better & long term relationships with your customers and clients, reduce the time and effort to get insights and forecast future outcomes. 

Our Private platform is a destination that looks and feels authentic to your customers. Our Community managers are dedicated and experienced moderators who connect with members and function as brand ambassadors, using Research knowledge: Experts in research design that maximize the utility of the community as well as apply rigorous analysis and interpretation, with forecasting and implementation in action. 

The perfect formula

Crowd Answers offers research expertise combined with an established online community platform and experienced community management skills.


Custom built

We create a custom platform based on your needs, objectives, with a destination that looks and feels authentic to your customers

+ Engaging

Online communities foster a two-way, longitudinal relationship which results in higher response rates and greater respondent productivity.

There are a number of different ways to engage with consumers online.
These methods are generally differentiated by the time it takes to complete the research project, and whether the research question is explicit or
exploratory. This results in three main types of  digital engagement:

  • Synchronous studies (real time)
  • Asynchronous studies (extended duration)
  • Continuous communities/panels

Custom Communities & Panels are a dedicated, private area where costumers or employees can engage with their customers to:

  • Get Feedback on business decisions before you make them
  • Target your biggest brand advocates for smaller-scale initiatives such as advocacy campaigns and word of mouth campaigns
  • Create an interesting experience for members and encourage deeper engagements with rich media
  • Provide a place for your customers to talk about your brand and products, test stories proof concept and products. 
  • Take engagement and conversion to a next level. 


Sales Increase


Churn rate - Decrease


Savings in time


Accuracy of information gathered


Easily recruit people to join your panel. Web intercepts, your site intercepts, email invitations, and social media posts are just a few of the recruitment tools built right into the system


Once recruited, invite panel members to participate in surveys or online community, and track their participation over time. Easy, built-in tools to control contact frequency, manage opt outs, and build rich profiles about each panel member.

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Our team of professional digital researchers is the perfect choice to create a custom panel or community. The success is guaranteed.


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