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Nothing is more engaging that a compelling story.  We use research and strategy in order to understand your brand heritage, dynamics and relations in order to create stories that connect your brand and products with the consumer.

"Stories are equipment for living"

                 - Kennet Burke, Critic


Humankind has a craving for stories, because "Our appetite for story is a reflection of the profound human need to grasp the patterns of living". Nothing generates more engagement that a compelling story, because great stories connect us with each other in a deepest  way.

In every good story we are moved by archetypes of personality because they  are linked with the universal human experience

Each story is unique. However, in order to create a story every writer need to follow a certain set of rules, a structure. Every story follows this simple eight-step formula:


  1. Once upon a time...
  2. And every day...
  3. Until one day...
  4. And because of that...
  5. And because of that...
  6. And because of that...
  7. Until finally...
  8. And ever since that day...


At Crowd Answers we designed a proprietary methodology focused  on story generation for each brand. Our method follows a simple 10 steps approach. It has been created in order to deliver the best results to increase engagement, interation, purchase and loyalty.   




  1. OST Assessment: Objectives, Strategy, Tactics
  2. Brand equity understanding - David Aaker method
  3. Brand trajectory assessment  - Social Media intelligence & forecasting
  4. Touch point and consumer journey analysis 
  5. Brand archetypes (Archetypes & Ennagram models)
  6. Brand relations assessment. (Based on Susan Fournier theory)
  7. Story structure (topics, channels, format, media, frecuency)
  8. Story alignment Vs company objectives (KPIs' creation)
  9. Story development
  10. KPIs' measurement. 

This method is fast, flexible, effective and compelling.  


We will create the great stories for your brand and products. Don't keep sending the same message. We can help you to connect with your costumers now. 

Our full-service - Storywriter team integrates content into a complex strategy to increase your site’s visibility and conversions, your brand presence and the engagement in social media channels.


We use Storytelling in Marketing to: 

Increase Awareness

Stories are what people remember. Even when they forget names and faces, they rarely forget the story and how it made them feel.

Increase Engagement

People relate to stories. They see bits of themselves in the protagonist. They associate the antagonist and conflict with the problems in their own lives. They share in the joy and reward when the main characters finally achieve their goals.

Increase sales

Emotional rapport and purchase intention are highly correlated. Storytelling simplifies a complex logical concept or doubt and leads to action.  We work on the conversion from great stories to revenue for your business.  

Brand preference

Savvy brands are creating strong emotional connections with their customers through simple stories couched in everyday language, the kind of language people can get hold of without a dictionary, and respond  emotionally. 

Renew social 

From time to time, consumers get bored with the same information from the brands. A rebranding is a dangerous and expensive approach. Get fresh air turning on the power of storytelling may be the solution.  

Content, content, content

We provide your community managers with a clear agenda on stories to tell, or we can take charge of the whole process for you. 

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