Pay Per Click Management

Solutions in Market Research

We offer a comprehensive set of tools in order to understand your consumer, improve your products or services & get ahead of the competition

State-of-the-art market research tools designed for the online world. 

New Product Development

Our Products:  Idea Validator, Concept Check and Product Check, are designed to fine-tune ideas, concepts & products, by tapping the Wisdom of the Crowds.

Satisfaction Studies

In partnership with, our Loyalizing Plus methodology is designed to quick identify what triggers satisfaction & in-satisfaction, along the consumer journey. It also provide a roadmap to increase loyalty and gain leverage among competitors. 

Brand Tracking


Our Lean and accurate Brand Image Tracker helps you to understand your brand' strengths and areas of opportunity, and provide a route to get consumers heart with consistency.

Advertising Pre-Test & Post-Test


Ad testing itself comes in a variety of types depending on the advert stage. We conduct qualitative, quantitative and analytics based research in order to improving marketing effectiveness.

Usability Testing


Whether you are in a early or advanced stage with your website, platform or game, Formative UX and Summative UX are our conversion optimization tools designed to quickly detect errors and adjust course of action for your digital products. We offer Neuromarketing Testing. We own the first fMRI testing facility in Miami.

Shopper Audits - Reinvented

Our software solution allows brands to collect data, perform audits, market intelligence, and measure desired KPIs that allow decision makers make timely, informed, strategic decisions that move their brands forward.

Forecasting & Modeling


Our data-sciences team create models that predict future outcomes. Our standard deliverable is the Predictor Template, macros that will help you to identify outcomes based on future scenarios. I can be use to predict future outcomes in areas like pricing, awareness, sales & revenue, customer preference and others.  

We create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

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