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Your End-to-End Market Research Solution

Delivering high-performance insights that drive business growth, CrowdAnswers combines state-of-the-art market research methodologies with a results-driven commonsensical approach.


Get the answers you need to transform your business with CrowdAnswers.

Real-world insights that deliver real-world impact

The 20 years of experience that the CrowdAnswers team possesses has taught us a thing or two about effective market research. Blending unmatched expertise with a fervently practical approach, we’ve developed a widespread reputation as a company that delivers meaningful results—transforming data into actionable strategies that make a real difference to the success of companies.


The process of gaining reliable data, interpreting market trends, and arriving at actionable insights can be a complex and sometimes daunting journey. At CrowdAnswers, we streamline the entire process for you, delivering insights precisely tailored to your business that drive innovation and growth.

Data on a Touch Pad
Operational Ease & Flexibility

At CrowdAnswers, we're platform agnostic—we work seamlessly with any tools or platforms to find the best solutions for you. Whether you're using industry-standard platforms or niche tools, our expertise allows us to integrate and deliver results tailored to you.

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AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

Our AI-powered systems deliver precision data analysis that reliably predicts outcomes, and delivers the strategies you need for success, quickly. With speed central to market success, CrowdAnswers keeps you ahead of the competition.

Our Comprehensive Market Research Solutions

At CrowdAnswers, we offer an extensive range of solutions that deliver unmatched precision and insight, with all our solutions tailored to the exact needs of your specific business. From custom surveys and focus groups to product development and social media intelligence, we have the complete end-to-end answer you’re looking for.


Power beyond the data

About CrowdAnswers

Based in Miami, Florida, CrowdAnswers is a global market research partner with over two decades of experience in the field. Our team has an extensive background working with Fortune 500 companies and brings a unique blend of expertise and results-driven focus to the market research arena.


As a dynamic, mid-sized company, we’re small enough to offer unmatched personal attention to every client, but big enough to handle the global research demands of multinational corporations. At CrowdAnswers, we aim to deliver lasting success as your long-term strategic partner.



Discover the impact CrowdAnswers has had on the success of businesses worldwide.

Our Company needed to conduct a concept & product test in Miami for a new flavor targeted to Latinos. In total, we tested four products. Crowd Answers provided the recruitment, fieldwork and analysis for the study. Overall the experience was great. I thought the entire process went smoothly and was well supported by Gabriel and his team. We greatly appreciate all the work that went into making this a successful study. 

Insights Director, Global CPG brand

Gain the insight you need to succeed

Contact us today and discover the power that CrowdAnswers can bring to your business.

  • What industries do you specialize in?
    With clients spanning such diverse sectors as consumer goods, media, technology, healthcare, and finance, our methodologies can be tailored to meet the precise needs of any industry. Our adaptable approach coupled with our extensive experience allows us to generate meaningful insights for you, no matter what industry you may be in.
  • How do you ensure the quality of your market research?
    We maintain stringent quality standards to guarantee the precision of all our research findings. With our highly experienced team leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we deliver advanced insights that you can rely on.
  • Can you integrate with our existing tools and platforms?
    Absolutely! Whether you're using CRM systems, survey tools, or analytics platforms, we can integrate seamlessly into your current workflow, n matter what platforms you’re using.
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